Why rehearsing is important in video product creation

Why practicing is important in video product development

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Even if you’re just preparing to produce a 30-second video clip to post on YouTube, never take too lightly the power of rehearsal. Practicing obtains the actors loosened up sufficient to be themselves, or to take on the specific characters asked for in the manuscript. If you prepare to be the host or demonstrator of your own motivational or do-it-yourself video, rehearsing will certainly let you become comfortable in front of the electronic camera. If you have actually determined to produce a how-to video, the hardest activity is discovering how to be on your own before an electronic camera. Practicing is the best method to get over your anxiety and also hook up to your audience efficiently.

Rehearse in different means to learn which design of shipping works most effectively for your project. Talk as you move and stand on the collection, rest as well as chat, chat as you show how to do something, and talk in a voice over as your stars demonstrate just how something is done. And keep in mind: Whatever kind of video product you choose to create, it is essential to create certain you have excellent lights and lots of area. Rehearse in different sorts of lighting to see what jobs very well, and also walk around the set to ensure you have adequate space.

When hosts stand or carry on the established as they talk with a viewers, they could transmit great power as well as power to viewers. A host will certainly rest as well as talk with produce a laid-back environment that motivates the viewers to relax and feel at home. Merely think of one of the most preferred applications on television. What is the difference between a wonderful host and an average host?

All excellent hosts stand as they deliver an opening talk to an audience. They recognize how to use their hands, and also they understand how to keep their bodies positioned to connect specifically just what they desire their audience to bear in mind. The most effective means to produce great-selling video products is to research prominent hosts as well as effective sound speakers. Pick up from them, imitate their strategies, and practice in front of an electronic camera.

Ask your friends to provide you their sincere responses. Were you encouraging in the video clip? Did you attach to your viewers? Did they remain concentrated on exactly what you were stating? One of the most important question to ask your “marketing study” of family and friends members is: Just what message did they get from your video? What do they assume you’re aiming to claim? What are customers encouraged to do after seeing your video? Response to these concerns are the best procedure of the effectiveness of your video clip product.

Most of us remain in for a shock the very first time we accomplish this experiment. We think we have covered a topic completely, only to discover that our viewers could not claim with certainty what that topic is. Leave your pride from it as well as you’ll be on your method to learning how to create great video products. Hear your clients as well as possible clients. Hear their feedback. Ask for pointers concerning the best ways to be a more reliable host or sound speaker. Practice, practice, as well as keep on practicing.

Sany Xacti VPC-HD1

Sany Xacti VPC-HD1

This digital HD media electronic camera is tiny, stylish, and also
additionally light-weight. The Sanyo Xacti will wonderfully
capture your memories in high definition. The
fashionable upright style provided by the camera will
make it easier for you to maintain an arm stable while
you shoot.

2.2″ shade OLED
The 2.2″ flip out natural light emmitting diode
display will supply less complicated viewing of your recordings,.
even in intense sunlight.

Video as well as pictures.
The Xacti will at the same time shoot 5.1 megapixel.
still images and hd video clips. The.
HD1 can also record over 21 mins of 720 pixel.
HD video clip on a single 1 GB SD treatment, or over 42.
minutes on a 2 GB card.

MPEG 4 style.
The HD1 utilizes the premium MPEG 4 recording.
style which will provide impressive video clearness and.
detail. With the files being easily small,.
you have the capacity to tape long, premium.

When you close the LCD display, the cam will go.
into standby method. Open it back up, and you are.
all set to shoot in as low as 2 secs! The.
video camera likewise tape-records straight to SD flash memory.
cards, so it will avoid the lengthy procedure of obtaining.
the tape deck began.

Picture stabilizer.
The picture stabilizer will properly identify.
in between the unintentional camera shake as well as.
deliberate electronic camera motion from frying pans or turns. It.
will certainly then compensate for the cam drinking to.
give you more organic outcomes when you shoot.

Zoom lens.
The extremely effective and also intense 10x optical zoom.
lens witha maximum aperture of f/3.5 will permit you.
to get up near to the action. Coupled with a 10X.
electronic zoom, it will certainly provide you around 100X of zooming.

Scene modes.
You could develop awesome photos with the HD1.
by picking the very best fit mode to the topic.
The scene option method will certainly help both still.
images and video clip. The methods to choose from include.
sports, picture, landscape, fireworks, as well as.
night view.

Easy playback.
You can share your pictures and also video with.
family and friends in a snap. Numerous connections.
will certainly permit very easy television playback, referring to as.
to a VCR or DVD recorder, transfer to a COMPUTER for DVD.
creation, modifying, or simply uploading on the internet.

With every little thing the Sanya Xacti VPC HD1 needs to.
offer, it’s excellent for any person searching for a HD.
camera. You can do several points with this.
cam, apart from taking images or making videos.
If you have actually never experienced a HD camera, the.
Sanya Xacti is definitely one of the first ones you.
ought to have a look at.

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Tips for video product creation

Pointer for video clip item creation

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The change in Web innovation has made video clip posting possible for anybody with a camera phone, a broadband connection, and a couple of commonly offered devices that in a lot of cases are totally cost-free. And what a transformation it is-we used to be producers of content, yet brand-new technologies and systems are empowering us to be broadcasters of video products for distribution and also sale on the Worldwide Internet. Here are some basic ideas to bear in mind when you develop your video clip items.

Why your option of topic is so important
The most essential consider identifying the success of your video is your selection of a subject. If you cannot cover the topic in HALF AN HOUR or less, you should concentrate on a solitary style within that topic.

Consistently keep in mind that your goal is not to show individuals every little thing you know about a subject. Your goal is to recognize one problem, the main thing you believe your audiences want and needs to recognize how you can do, then focus on showing them the very best means to fix that issue. Do not add on another topic-keep it for your following video clip item. Remove all the excess luggage up until you narrow the focus to a single subject. Then give it to the customers without entering various other directions at the exact same time.

Maintain it simple – Keep it relocating
As soon as you have picked a topic, you’ll need to think about the length of your video clip. One of the most effective videos are not compared to 30 minutes, which is a good rule of thumb for thinking about how long you’ll be able to maintain the audience’s focus.

Speed is extremely important in video manufacturing. You recognize more concerning pace than you think-just think of constantly you have actually changed away from a slow-moving TV program, or all the times you’ve dropped off to sleep throughout a motion picture. When you begin wishing that a motion picture or program would move much faster, you have recognized an issue with the rate of the program.

It’s hard for skilled specialists to keep an interesting pace for 60 minutes. Keep this in mind when you’re planning your video-don’t aim to manage more than Thirty Minutes on your first effort. Keep it simple; a much shorter video could be far more effective as well as effective if you are careful to keep it relocating at an intriguing rate. A vibrant 15 to 20-minute how-to video will certainly be far more successful compared to a much longer product that seems to drag out as well as on. A lot of short video clips (10 to 15 mins) sell for up to $14 or $15 dollars on Google sites. Longer formats (60 to 90 mins) cost anywhere from $40 to over $100.

If you currently have experience with brief layouts as well as wish to attempt a more eager project, set your views on a sixty-minute video. Consider ninety mins as your optimum duration for a how-to function, however only after you have actually been successful with much shorter video products. In all instances, start little and function your method around longer layouts.

The importance of research and planning in video product creation

The relevance of research and also preparing in video product creation

Any type of genre of video item can be enriched by educational material. When you opt to consist of valid info in your video clip, check at the very least two reliable resources for every little thing you wish to include. Bear in mind: Wikipedia is not a trusted source. Yes, I commonly click Wikipedia to get my bearings in a hurry. However I will not lay my online reputation on exactly what I have actually found in a Wikipedia entry.

When you develop video items to sell online, you base your business on your capability to establish a bond of count on with your customers. Do not run the risk of losing their count on by taking faster ways in your research. Go above and beyond as well as your sales will represent themselves.

If you’re using on-screen ability to film your video clip product, see to it the actors have all the background information they need to understand the topic. If you’ll be asking somebody inquiries in the video clip, make sure to practice your talking to abilities. If you wish to produce an unforgettable interview, use flexible inquiries to get your subject speaking. The very best job interviews consistently go in instructions that no author could have scripted.

If you utilize copyrighted music in your video clip, be sure to acquire the essential authorization. If your video clip is except sale, you might not have to obtain permission. If you plan to offer your video clip, you will should obtain all the necessary licenses as well as copyright information. If you are recording any person apart from yourself, you need to get trademarks and releases. If you movie a pedestrian or consumer, for example, you need their authorization to use the video readily in your video.

Logistics of a successful shoot
Logistics is one of the key elements of every successful video clip task. If you intend to shoot any type of video in a commercial room, such as a shopping center or establishment, you’ll should ask for consent. Tell the supervisor exactly what you intend to do; store employees are generally extremely handy and willing to join any type of method they can. Be sure to provide the site a credit history in your video. You might require a city license for certain areas. Go to the location to practice the shoot before the shoot. There are lots of things that could fail when you simply turn up and also begin capturing.

No matter what type of video clip product you choose to produce, you’ll have to consider your set or location. A set can be as simple as a wall surface with a background that makes the sound speaker stick out. If you plan to develop a promotional or academic video clip, you most likely have some basic props that could be component of the background as well as keep visitors considering the service or product you intend to promote. A chair before your background is all you need on the established if your video will certainly have simply one host or demonstrator. If you intend to create a motivational video clip or a comedy act, you’ll desire the host to stand and move around the collection, so make sure you have enough space.

How the Worldwide Web empowers producers of video content

Exactly how the Worldwide Web equips manufacturers of video material

The price of developing video clip items has boiled down enormously in the last few years. Web innovations like video podcasting allow you offer downloadable content without the have to create your own cassettes, CDs, or DVDs, and without the have to keep a costly supply. The Internet has actually made it possible for anybody with a computer, a few easy devices, and a broadband connection to be a developer and also broadcaster of video clip items

The best feature of the creation of video clip products in today’s market is that you don’t need a massive capital expense to get begun. You could create top quality video items with a consumer-level camcorder. As well as if the only recording gadget you have is your brand-new Bluetooth video clip phone, you could start with that said.

There’s an increasing online market for video clip products.
There will certainly always be a healthy and balanced on-line market for instructional and inspiring video items. It’s an error to think that individuals could not take on large media corporations in the areas of production, distribution, as well as marketing of video clip products-the viewers for Net video clip is increasing so fast that there just isn’t really adequate material online to satisfy the tremendous demand. The explosion of video discussing websites like YouTube is evidence of how fast the marketplace is expanding. Actually, amateur manufacturers of video content currently discuss space on YouTube with professional material from media giants like CBS and BBC.

A lot of these huge firms hesitate to put their costly sources to repair tiny projects that call for highly specialized knowledge. That’s where you come in-if you could identify a location where you are the appropriate person to offer informational content to a particular niche market, you will certainly find clients for your video item on the net.

Add something of worth to your consumers’ lives
What you need to recognize is this: Your profit depends on creating valuable information-not on the total viewing experience, as holds true with feature films as well as commercial tv productions. Your consumers will not care about your packaging if you supply high-quality material. In fact, supplying video material online even lets you eliminate the packaging entirely. This allows you to concentrate all your power on producing and also marketing the most effective item feasible. Your clients will appreciate the included value in your video items that your raised emphasis brings.

If your objective is to make the most effective video ever made on cabinet-making or horticulture, as an example, you can take on any workshop on the planet. Individuals will do virtually anything to locate significance and also increase over the limitations of their ordinary lives. Associate with your visitors on a human degree, give them insights for getting even more from a career or a pastime, and also they will certainly return to your Web site typically.

If you select your topic well as well as approach it with passion as well as emphasis, you can achieve a level of sales that lets you turn video manufacturing right into the core of your Internet marketing initiatives.

GoRecroot – International Jobs: Recruiters Post Free Job Openings, Jobs Advertising, Job seekers Submit Resume, Walk in

GoRecroot – International Jobs: Recruiters Blog post Free Job Openings, Jobs Advertising, Task hunters Submit Resume, Walk in

頌庭&彣柔 結婚_1115
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GoRecroot is a smart, international, a number of industry, works to return to sourcing and also mapping engine. GoRecroot’s multi dimensional, multi media (pictures, voice, video and also text-data) and mobile allowed. Powered by custom formulas and cognitive search scientific researches, GoRecroot brings the recrooters (recruiters) and the jobbers (work applicants) to actionable lead to short spans of time as well as exponential savings. GoRecroot has specialized attribute collections for:
1. Recruiters, placement specialists, Corporate Human Resources, staffing companies– Recrooters. 2. Job applicants, prospects, task applicants– Jobbers. 3. HR branding specialized internet products – for corporates, recrooters, firms. 4. Job placement and resume referrers– brokers. If you are a Recrooter (employer firms, corporate employers, referrers) and also do not wish to miss out on GoRecroot’s fad setup attributes as well as offers, please join.

If you are a Jobber (Jobseeker) and also want to be part of the international as well as national task markets, happy signup.
What is in it for me– the Recrooter? (Recruiters).
– Laser sharp works to resume sourcing and also mapping.
– No block or advance settlements– Ingenious on need micro repayments design.
– No join or account access fee.
– Online job order creation wizard.
– Specialized products for Recrooters to attract abilities.
– Revolutionary internet partnership protocol for Recrooters.
– Produce value and make from your return to archives.
– Mobile integration– thorough company functions, SMS on the go.
– Recrooter teams, events as well as blog site.
– Subscription and reward points.
– Recrooter competition and also amazing rewards.
– Photo, audio, video clip– know your target jobber much better.
– Much more attributes and also benefits coming soon.
What is in it for me– the Jobber? (Task Seekers).
– We bring international recrooters with each other– you have your finest fired here.
– Image resumes, Voice returns to, Video returns to.
– Specialized products for you to target chances and select your job path.
– Mobile assimilation– thorough job search functions.
– Mobile and also SMS signals.
– Customized resume development wizard.
– Effective multi dimensional task search.
– Inform a close friend contests.
Just what is in it for me– the Corporate?

– No subscribe fees or block advance repayments.
– No deprivations on number of yous in your account.
– Micro payments that will certainly calm your spending plan discomforts.
– Specialized items for your recruiting outreach protocols.
– Worldwide network of recrooters– ideal attention and reaction times for your work orders.
– Mobile combination– extensive company features.
– Mobile as well as SMS items for recruiting as well as HR brand building.
– Multi dimensional mapping, filtering, piece as well as dice– huge time cost savings.
– Image, sound, video clip returns to– understand more before you employ.

Airbrush Art DVDS For Beginners

Airbrush Art DVDS For Beginners

Urban exploration at the abandoned Berengaria Village in Limassol, Cyprus
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Some individuals are completely visual individuals. This indicates that they find out and also comprehend much better when they see just how something is done versus checking out the best ways to do it. While many publications and also books will certainly offer some pictures this is not enough for a totally visual individual. So when some one is totally aesthetic as well as they wish to learn something the best thing they can do is watch video clips that demonstrate how to do something. There are some excellent videos on the marketplace that will certainly show a beginner the best ways to do airbrush fine art. These video clips are developed by expert airbrush artists that will reveal you precisely what you should know.

Air Brush Action provides a good novice’s video clip called AirBrush Activity Intro to Airbrush. This video starts DVD and will assist you to find out about airbrush art. You will certainly get 1 hr and also Thirty Minutes of methods and principles of airbrushing that will apply to all types of airbrush fine art. The video features Air Brush Action’s Instructor of the Year for 1995, Debbie Eastlack.

Paasche a name brand in airbrushes as well as airbrush accessories provides an extraordinary video entitled PAASCHE Airbrushing with the VL. This video is offered on DVD and also runs concerning 30 minutes. This video deals with educating the beginner about double action airbrushes. Despite the fact that the video clip is tailored to the Paasche VL airbrush, the information taught in this video will certainly work for any double action airbrush on the market. Beginners could learn about interior and external mix, paint feed systems along with airbrush paints. Find out troubleshooting and also how to look after your airbrush. This is a quite extensive 30 minute video clip that will show a lot to a beginner when it concerns airbrush fine art.

One video that is terrific for newbies that want airbrush fine art tattoos is the SHOW OFFS PHYSICAL BODY FINE ART The best ways to Airbrush Tattoos. This video gets on DVD as well as runs regarding 90 minutes. Via this video Donna Nowak will stroll you through all aspects from equipment and products to the application process. Find out some tricks on how you can create great airbrush art tattoos. This video will stroll you through it all step-by-step so that you actually comprehend the procedure behind airbrush fine art tattoos.
If creating customized airbrushed tee shirts seems to be your interest yet you have no experience in airbrush art then Kent Lind has the video for you.

Kent Lind will show you tee shirt airbrush fine art in his video Intro To Tee shirt Airbrushing. This video clip is intended for beginners to discover very first how you can create an airbrush as well as for cleansing objectives how to take the airbrush apart. Cleaning up the airbrush is covered in this video clip as well. For the true production of art work you will certainly learn about the dagger/flare stroke, designs and fundamentals on text as well as shade theory. Kent Lind will additionally show you how to advertise your ability. Airbrush exercises in this video clip will certainly consist of making blends, shadows and even hot spots.

Video product creation can take your online business to the next level

Video production product production can take your online operation to the next degree

2007 is starting to appear like the year of the vlogs. A surge in Google video production is occurring, and in large component it’s an explosion based on video production blog sites. An enormous online sector is getting ready around video clip sharing websites like YouTube and also Internet video clip platforms like Brightcove.com. Tv is moving online, as well as Net TV might quickly change your preferred TV protocols.

If you’re an independent producer of video clip content or a Web marketing expert thinking about finding out how to make use of the change in Google video production modern technologies, a great site to check out is Rocketboom (www.rocketboom.com). This site is wonderful in its simpleness; it has already become among the most prominent sites on the Internet. Rocketboom focuses on just what’s occurring on the planet of Net news and also innovation. Its content is presented in a light and extremely enjoyable format.

The quality and convenience of Rocketboom highlights exactly how quick the revolution in Internet technology is changing distribution systems. Licensing and also distribution prices utilized to call for a financial investment of countless bucks to obtain a broadcast TV stations on the air. Rocketboom is developed with a consumer-level camera, a notebook computer, and also a simple collection. It feels and look like a commercial TV program, but it has no budget for advertising. The video productions are produced on easy collections, yet the material is as smooth and also as professional as anything program on tv. The price of storage space and also data transfer space on the Internet is so economical today that a video stations like Rocketboom could be introduced with basically no financial investment whatsoever.

Like many preferred video clip sites on the net, Rocketboom is promoted with a technology called Real Straightforward Submission, or “RSS.” This modern technology allows audiences subscribe to your network and obtain alerts every time you make a new video production product available on your website. And thus numerous various other new modern technologies that are connecting people online, RSS is a free solution.

Paid downloads of your video production items is only one of the several income streams that can be created for online video production material. When your viewers increases and also you have the demographics to reveal marketers, you will start to see what a powerful force video is for driving your business. Providing both cost-free as well as membership services is an excellent way to build a large area of customers around your video clip products.

If you typically aren’t creating video products for both free circulation and sale on the net, you typically aren’t gaining the complete benefits of attaching your business to the Worldwide Internet. You might be impressed with just how Google has actually ended up being a great tool for celebration and also transferring information, however creating video clip material for a possible viewers of millions on the net is the best way to take your company to the next level.

Check out Rocketboom and then return to this post. When you do, I think you’ll prepare to create your very first wonderful video clip item available online.

Capabilities of the new iPod video

Abilities of the brand-new iPod video production

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The abilities of the new iPod video clip continue the developing process of the old abilities– software, equipment as well as compatibility with various other gadgets.

Worrying the software, it is well-known that the iPod as a whole as well as the iPod video clip in particular play MP3, audible audio publication, WAV, M4A/AAC, shielded AAC, AIFF and also Apple Lossless audio file styles. Considering that the 5th generation iPods there is another opportunity of playing m4v and also mp4 MPEG-4 video production file styles. Just non copy-protected WMA files could be replicated to an iPod. Other formats are not possible to be played by the iPod and also this holds true of FLAC and also Ogg Vorbis styles.

Besides, the iPods are particularly made for matching the iTunes media collection software. This online music shop appeared in 2003 and it offers tunes as well as it was assumed exclusively for the iPod customers as well as not for other mobile music players. This could have contributed to the success both the iPods and the iTunes music shop and to the terrific development and also renovations of the iPod’s capacities.

The software program of the brand-new iPod video clip has new attributes– customized suggestions and video clip content that could be used a Pc or transferred to the iPod. The software was upgraded to Variation 6, fact that stands for a property development and a distinctive achievement.

Worrying the equipment of the iPods one might say that the very first generation iPods were recharged just with FireWire with the help of a small power adapter. The 4th generation iPods may have been asked for over USB. The 5th generation iPod could be arresteded for the aid of a dock port permitting the FireWire cable television to be plugged in for the recharge.

Compatibility of the iPods with Windows is the suggestion of Apple, understood in 2002, fact that added to the development of a Windows version of iTunes in 2003. The iPods might be made to be suitable with a Macintosh as well as there is also an iPodLinux task.

Some additional attributes may be mentioned while discussing the iPods as a whole and also iPod video clip particularly. The iPods can display content files, reality which is quite useful. There are likewise PERSONAL ORGANIZER schedules, some video games that were intriguing a number of years ago yet they appear outdated nowadays. The games available on nearly every iPod other than the iPod shuffle are brick, parachute, solitaire, songs test. The most intriguing game is the music quiz, playing some pieces of some songs and also waiting the user to identify the track from a list. The disadvantage of this video game is that it uses a great deal of battery power.

All these abilities appear to be improved in the case of the new iPod video other than the creation of other video games or the intro of new ones. This may be viewed as a disadvantage, however if taking into account the fact that it is an instance of a portable music gamer this aspect does not have such a fantastic importance.

The innovation is naturally the video production ability, although the highlights of the new iPod stress on excellent improvements in the image and also sound high quality. The video clip image is incredibly smooth and also in this way could change the doubtful attitudes with cheerful exclamations.

Although it is not the very first attempt of bringing video on a portable handheld device, this success seems to be one of the most successful. This success is due to a lot of in needed of job and also challenging adjustments in the software application and also hardware also. In a way or an additional, Apple appears to be the champ in producing unique mobile gadgets as well as maybe a few other steps will be absorbed the development of the little video clip portable tools. In this way, perhaps an unique compatibility with even more gadgets could be developed, guaranteeing various other periods of terrific success. Other on the internet stores could appear and also establish in the custom of the iTunes music store. Because of iPods from the Apple Company legal material of the downloaded and paid songs or TV shows, episodes or various other materials is made certain.


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Modern Bungee Jumping

Modern Bungee Jumping

Modern bungee jumping begun with a jump from a suspension link in Bristol, England, on April 1, 1979. Certainly, it was no April fool’s joke. From a height of 250 ft., 4 close friends from the ‘Hazardous Sports Club’ leapt into the past history publications by taking the historical dive. They were promptly jailed by the authorities quickly after finalization of their activities. Nonetheless, this fell short to dampen their spirits a lot. They moved their hopping tasks to the United States, where the jumped from the Golden Gate link in San Francisco, California. They additionally took care of to secure sponsorship from the American television program ‘That’s Incredible’ for their leap from the Royal Gorge bridge in Colorado. Their determination aided bring modern bungee jumping to the limelight of the media, and the masses.

Bungee jumping occurs around the world today, from Australia to the Usa, to many countries in Europe. It is well appreciated as a hazardous and extreme sporting activity. In spite of it’s obvious harmful element, countless people have actually successfully finished leaps since the beginning of contemporary bungee leaping. Indeed, tens of hundreds of bungee jumpers take the plunge yearly, in an ever-increasing variety of means and also places.

Several commercial ventures have sprung up due to the rise in appeal of bungee entering the contemporary sports world. Among the most noteworthy as well as revered attire is the A. J. Hackett Bungee Company in New Zealand. A. J. Hackett established the company in the late 1980s, after popularizing the sporting activity with his very own jumps. Without a doubt, he supported the modern-day bungee leaping by establishing a brand-new kind of bungee cable. He personally demonstrated his brand-new incredibly elastic bungee cable when he jumped from the Eiffel Tower in 1987. His firm has actually done a terrific solution to the sporting activity by helping to develop modern-day ways and methods that supply a safer kind of bungee jumping.

Modern bungee leaping has actually also crept into some aspects of mainstream western society. For instance, there have actually been a few significant films that have actually showcased a bungee jump in their story. Among one of the most widely known of these films would certainly be the James Bond spy-thriller, ‘GoldenEye’, from 1995. In this specific movie, Bond is revealed executing a bungee leap from exactly what is intended to be a dam in Russia. While the leap was actually executed, as well as was not computer system or musician created computer animation, the real area of the leap was incorrect. The recording actually occurred at the Versazca Dam in Switzerland.

Modern bungee leaping has even come to be a sport that where the individuals are making every effort to outdo one another. The Guinness Book of Globe Records has actually become involved, as well as has actually recorded just what they have formally regarded as the ‘greatest office bungee leap’. This jump occurs from the Bloukrans River link in South Africa. At over 700 feet above the floor of the valley, it is an impressive task certainly. While various other jumps have occurred from greater locations, this certain area is taken into consideration the greatest considering that it is purely a bungee jump. There are no extra cords or additional safety and security wires … just the great ol’ bungee cable. Like it or otherwise, it looks like modern-day bungee hopping is below to stay.