Teeth whitening performed by a professional

A beautiful smile is an excellent presentation of oneself and is a source of self-esteem and confidence. Having white teeth with a shiny appearance is an increasingly widespread desire, which is why it encourages many people to request a whitening in the professional field.

The color of the teeth is a given and very personal variable that depends on the factors such as general health status, lifestyle and food. Smoking, the regular consumption of foods such as tea or coffee, can pigment the enamel of the teeth, making them darker and less shiny. Also, age and revitalization interventions can contribute to an increase in tooth pigmentation. The natural translucency of enamel makes the progressive thickening of the dentin visible, as well as the filling materials present in some tooth tubes turn off the brightness of the smile.

Although there are treatments or whitening methods at home, the solution to this problem is actually tooth whitening performed by a professional.

There is a great series of do-it-yourself whitening remedies, most of them effective, but highly dangerous to the health of the enamel and the gums if they are not administered correctly.

In the market you can find many methods to whiten teeth at home. Which have active ingredients less concentrated than in the professional and do not apply to perfectly clean and dry teeth, as happens in a clinical setting. In addition, the lack of supervision of the dentist, does not rule out unpleasant side effects.

The professional whitening intervention is the only one capable of combining safety and results, which allows you to obtain a bright smile and safeguard the well-being of the teeth and gums.

A dental whitening technique currently used by professionals, involves the use of hydrogen peroxide, the bleaching potential that acts with the activation by means of a special halogen lamp, causing a catalyst element capable of benefiting the process.

Then an adequate protection of the gums is applied on the surface of the patient’s tooth a gel containing hydrogen peroxide, in a concentration that penetrates inside the tooth enamel (which has a prismatic structure capable of opening to absorb the substance to whitening) without affecting in any way its integrity.

The greater or lesser concentration of the active principle and the duration of the exposure allow obtaining a different result depending on the applied intensity.

When the treatment is done with a professional, the whitening session is usually preceded by proper dental cleaning and supervision of oral health status.

Also, there are dentists who use whitening toothpastes, these contain abrasives that erase stains on the enamel.

Dental whitening is unlikely to cause serious side effects, although some people’s teeth remain sensitive for a few days. There may also be a slight momentary irritation.

The supervision of the dentist and the safety of the technology in a professional place, make the whitening treatment totally safe and effective.

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