The 5 main enemies of the teeth

Bacterial plaque: When chewing food a sticky substance is produced that remains attached to the surface of the teeth. This forms a thin film, where bacteria and microbes that normally live in the mouth are installed.

Carbohydrates: They are present in products with flours, refined sugars and sugary drinks. If its action is not neutralized with hygienic measures, it produces cavities and gum diseases.

Descaling: Due to the action of carbohydrates, bacteria in the bacterial plaque produce acids that attack the tooth, producing a decalcification that will turn into decay.

Gingivitis: Bacterial plaque on the gums, when activated by carbohydrates, produces an inflammation called gingivitis. If it is not treated properly, it can favor the loss of teeth.

Sarro: It is generated when bacterial plaque accumulates in the boundary between the gum and the tooth. This produces a calcification, originating a hard substance called tartar or tartar.

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