Web design myths

Website design myths

Internet site design is the primary step to registering an on the internet presence. There are lots of myths surrounding it. Several of the common misconceptions bordering the web design are:

1. Use of optimum colours will aid in making the website lovely.

Pleasing web site layout is very important to attract a web site visitor. But sometimes web designer thinks that utilising maximum colours will certainly include worth to the website. Whereas in reality myriad of colours may spoil the outlook of website. Additionally there are chances of these web visitors obtaining inflamed with the use of a lot of colours. So the site developer ought to constantly make use of the colours that go well the motif and also purpose of the internet site. Maximum 2 or 3 colours need to be utilized to during website design and constantly those colours should not impede the presence of the website.

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2. Including a lot of graphics is helpful.

It holds true that graphics will make communication simpler, yet over use of graphics may make it difficult. Many times site programmer thinks that making use of a lot of graphics will certainly add validity to their internet site. Graphics can be made use of to offer the believability to webpage however more of it might show intrusive. The page bring heavy graphics takes great deal of time to tons. Website design which is rotated around simple and quickly loading graphics is always liked by the site visitor.

3. Flash is necessary to add beauty to the web site.

Flash is widely made use of to create promotion banners and also animations throughout website design. Blink banners can offer their intended function just if they are used efficiently and moderately. As these flash banners may add credence to specific web design, however they have several negative aspects also. Flash banners can be easily downloaded only if you are connected to high speed link. When web designer uses a lot of frameworks to describe a straightforward computer animation after that it does not boosts the purpose of internet site instead it hinders it. A bad decision from internet site designer is enough to convert the site into garbage like making use of a lot of structures or duplicating the history in every frame and so on. Internet designer must bear in mind that not all individuals have flash plugins installed in their computer system so individuals could lose their determination if they are asked to download plugins first to see your site. So web designer must give the alternative of non flash version along with the flash version, which permits the internet visitor to browse through the info.

4. Web site will certainly look same in all browsers.

Even after making some effective web sites many internet designers love to believe that the web site will look same everywhere as it appears on their computer. Whereas actually various site web browser regard HTML web pages in various way. So site developer must constantly make it certain that the site is optimised with internet criteria adopted by various web browsers. Also the internet resolution varies from pc to computer. Some might prefer to watch the web site in 1024 X 768 resolutions whereas some may see the site in 800 X 600 resolutions. A lot of the internet site visitors like to see the web site in 800 X 600 resolutions, so the web developer need to make certain that the web site looks great even because resolution. The size of the tables need to be embeded in portion rather than in pixels. If the website designer chooses to use pixels in any one of the internet site design after that it ends up being challenging for the viewer to scroll left and also best to watch the web site effectively. So to avoid such circumstances during web growth the internet site programmer ought to use percent while giving appointing the buildings to the table since it will aid the customer to see the internet site correctly in any resolution.

The website developer need to constantly bear in mind that internet site is made for the site visitor.

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